How to place McDonald Matrix Band on difficult preparations?

A technique for placing the McDonald Matrix Band in three manageable steps.

Learn how to stabilise the band while placing, which makes it easier to tighten the matrix band and to achieve the correct vertical height.

Step 1:

Place the distal side of the matrix band into the
gingival crevice first and secure it with a wooden

Step 2:

Since the matrix band is now trapped in place by
the wedge, you can now manipulate the mesial
side of the matrix band into place and use
another wooden wedge to secure that side.
Ensure that the bevel on the top edge of the
band is slightly above the marginal ridge of the
neighbouring tooth.

Step 3:

The matrix band is now held in place by itself. You
are now able to use both hands to tighten the
matrix band. There are a few ways to do this.

  1. Using a finger to press the orange toggle
    against the tooth while tightening.
  2. Alternatively, hold the orange toggle in place
    with tweezers or forceps while tightening.

Ensure that the matrix band is tight.


If you are still struggling after trying this method, you may wish to try building the tooth up so there is more substance for the band to grip on to.